How an Irish student visa can lead to a PR?

With a wide horizon of educational opportunities, and a chance to indulge in employment while studying. Ireland has been at a top preference for international students. Other than this, Ireland is a hub of top companies in the pharmaceutical, agriculture, and technology sectors. Therefore international students can easily stay back here after their education on a post work visa. And accordingly after few years can seek a permanent residency (PR). So if you are a student, studying in Ireland then there is every possibility to seek a permanent residency (PR) after your studies.

This blog is designed to detail the aspects of a PR through a student visa in Ireland:


Criterion for a PR:

  1. Certain eligibility criterion need to fulfill for a PR in Irish:
    Firstly you need to live in Ireland for a period of at least five years with a student visa
  2. Secondly you need an Irish residence permit
  3. Thirdly you need to have a Green Card which is nothing but an employment permit
  4. Lastly a work authorization with Stamp 1 or 4 on your passport.

After you have fulfilled the same you need to follow the given steps for a PR after study. These steps are as follows:

First Step: Submitting an application for a student visa. Now there are two kinds of student visas in Ireland, namely: C study visa & D study visa.

  1. C study visa: for students planning a study trip to Ireland for a period less than three months. A short stay visa designed to participate in a training program or internship of three months or less.
  2. D student visa:  designed for students enrolled in a long time course for a period ranging above three months.


Eligibility criterion for a student visa:

  • Meet the required score in a certified English language proficiency exam such as IELTS OR TOEFL, like PTE.
  • Need for a residence permit to stay in Ireland for a period ranging more than 3 months, if you are from a Non-EU or Non-EEA country.
  • Need to apply for a residence permit at the Local Garda National Immigration Bureau (GNIB), which is basically a unit of Ireland’s police force. A registration fee of 300 Euros have to be paid.

Second step: Need for internship experiences during studies. Ireland allows international students to work for a period of 20 hours per week during your academic courses, and 40 hours per week during vacation period.

Third step: Need to get a post study work permit. And you will be eligible for the same after finishing your educational course. Ireland has two types of work permits, namely:

  1. Irish general work permit: allows non EU citizens to work in Ireland for two years after the candidate has a valid job offer in hand.
  2. Critical skills employment permit: awarded to working professionals which finds its inclusion in the Highly Skilled Occupations List. This permit is highly recommended as it makes PR a cakewalk for non-EU citizen.

Fee structure for the aforesaid work permits:

  • For a work permit which is of 6 months or less: 500 Euros
  • For a work permit or more than 6 months to two year: 1000 Euros

However it is important to note that only people with a job paying at least 30,000 Euros per year.

Fourth Step: You need to extend your general work permit and the critical skills employment permit, as they have a small time validity. And these can be extended up to a period of 3 years.

Final Step: if you have stayed in Ireland for a compulsory period of 5 years than application for a PR is possible. For a person holding the critical skills employment permit, application for a PR can be made after a period of 2 years.

Documents necessary for the application of PR after study

You need the following documents for applying a PR after your studies in Ireland:

  1. Copy of your residence permit
  2. Copy of your work permit
  3. Copy of your passport

Post submitting your application for PR in Ireland, it will take around 6-8 months for processing. This PR visa is valid for five years and the same can be renewed or one cans

How useful can be “Irish Expert” for an Irish PR?

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