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Abroad Education Consultants In Kerala

Abroad Education Consultants In Kerala

Abroad Education Consultants In Kerala,Our wide range of support services, trained and experienced team of experts guide students to their dream study destination by helping them find the courses, colleges and universities that perfectly meet their expectations, academic, financial background and needs on a global level... Irish Expert, are professionally managed and experienced overseas education service provider and one of the leading overseas education / study abroad consultants representing over 50+ countries, 1000 premier Universities/ Colleges & 100,000 courses in abroad. Our experts with long experience will guide you to choose a course, university that suit to your talent and potential. We always pull out all the stops to offer the best course and country for you, keeping in mind the changing world and needs on a global level.

Abroad Education Consultants In Kerala

Visas & Immigration

Visas are associated with the request for permission to enter a country, and are thus, for some countries, distinct from actual formal permission for an alien to enter and remain in that country. In any event, a visa is subject to permission of an immigration official at the time of actual entry, and can be revoked at any time. We provide complete assistance with visa applications with the help of our experienced solicitors. This includes providing advice on the documentation required for the visa, lodging the visa application and coordinating the same on your behalf, with the concerned visa office. Our full representation service for any visa category ensures that the visa application has the best chance for success. The quality of our service is self-evident from the reviews of our clients about the service provided by our immigration experts.

Why study with us?

  1. A team of experts offering detailed information about wide range of courses available in worldwide universities through our research unlike other consultancies offering information about limited number of courses. This will help you to take a unique path rather than going through the same path chosen by others.
  2. Career focused courses and great employment prospects. You could immerse yourself in your chosen career before you even graduate. You will have the opportunity to search for placements, engage with employers to gain hands-on experience and get tailored, life-long careers counsing and support.
  3. Financial support. We are service oriented rather than money oriented. We never leave you because of your weak financial background. Our experts will give you suggestions and advises to obtain education loans, showing maintenance fund, legality in banking and loans etc. We also have universities with scholarships up to 5 Lakh.
  4. Hands-on learning with industry experts. We have innumerous industrial experts to guide you to get into the right course and right career based on your talent.
  5. Personal support before, during and after your studies.
Abroad Education Consultants In Kerala

We are Abroad Education Consultants In Kerala here to help you every step of the way with advice and support on careers, placements, money, accommodation, health, faith and academic support. Before you even begin your proceedings with us we can support you with advice on your application, funding and accommodation.

Come to an open day to find out more

We offer open days throughout the year which will give you a chance to find out more about different unique courses and speak to our experts to know more about studying and living in abroad.

Message from - CEO

Whether it’s improving business and reliability, delivering better service for our customers, or earning back their trust and confidence, all of us at IRISH GROUP are working hard to ensure that our company is on a solid foundation for the future. Strong performance is critical to our success, but just as important is how we go about achieving results—with honesty and respect, without taking shortcuts, and by operating ethically and with integrity in all that we do. To help guide and align our behaviors as we make business decisions that impact our daily operations, we rely on our Employee Code of Conduct, which outlines our values and describes our standards for conduct, compliance, and avoiding conflicts of interest. It supports our continuing commitment to honest and ethical conduct and compliance with both the letter and the spirit of all laws, rules, and regulations, and our company’s policies, standards, and procedures. Thank you for your ongoing commitment to delivering best Counseling and abroad Education or Immigration assistance—and doing so ethically and with integrity.

Abroad Education Consultants In Kerala

Founder and CEO,
Irish Group

Our Team
Sommya Chaturvedi

Sommya Chaturvedi

General Manager

Sommya Chaturvedi is an Ex-Immigration Officer from the New Zealand consulate who handles India operations. She has excellent experience in approving visas to New Zealand and have adequate knowledge in other countries immigration rules & regulations.

Surabhi Singh

Chief Legal Officer

Surabhi Singh is Senior Immigration Attorney worked with 100’s of UK applications in all type of visa categories. She is quite experienced by handling HNWI’s, Corporate & Individual clients. She has proven her capabilities in providing mature and visa succeeding advise to critical cases.

Geethu Arakkal

Chief Process Officer

Geethu Arakkal has been into Visas and Immigration last 6 years. She is a professional skilled at offering visa & Immigration advise to UK, Canada, USA & European countries. During her last 6 years she have done 1000’s of visa applications and been fundamental in making numerous students study abroad dreams comes true.