Permitted activities for student visa holder in Germany

Moving out of your family home, leaving behind all the good old memories after graduating from high school to pursue a university-level education can be perceived differently by different groups of students. However, the happiness of getting a student visa to enrol in a German university is constant among all the international students. Now, since every country has a list of “permitted activities” with respect to the student visa. It is important for every student to understand the dos and don’ts of having a valid student visa in Germany.

This blog is extremely important for every individual student visa holder who is pursuing or will be pursuing his university-level education from one of the German Universities.


Do’s and Don’ts for a student visa holder in Germany

The following are some of the things which are permitted under the student visa regulations in Germany. These include:

  • Possibility to apply for an extension of the student residence permit for students who have not completed their education within the stipulated visa period, and need reasonable time to complete the same.

  • Getting a part time job is another “permitted activity” for a student visa holder. The visa holder may work up to 120 days even if the work is part- time in an academic institution where you are pursuing your studies. However, it is important that the work does not interfere with the study schedule.

  • Permission to apply for a residence permit for seeking a job after graduation. The student shall be eligible to tap this opportunity only when he completes his education in Germany. With that residence permit ranging up to a period of six months after graduation, one can easily search for jobs or simply get self-employed. One can get a temporary job while searching for a job of permanent nature, matching the individual’s academic qualifications.

Also, there are certain activities which are not permitted for an individual holding a student visa in Germany. These include:

  • As a student visa holder, it is not possible for an individual to get a full-time job, which is basically a job ranging up to a period of 240 days a year.

  • Failure to indulge in study lessons may result in the cancellation of an individual’s eligibility to stay in Germany. 


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