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Travelling to a distant country is no longer a huge issue in this day and age. You may need to travel abroad for several reasons, including pursuing higher education with a study visa, employment with a work visa, or simply to explore new areas with a visitor visa. But how can you ensure your plans are not dampened due to delays in the application process or your visa getting rejected due to reasons beyond your understanding? This is where the crucial role of an experienced visa consultant like Irish Expert comes into place. Before we get into the specifics of this, let’s first understand the various kinds of visas that you can apply for according to your needs.

Types of Visas

Work Visa

For individuals planning to get employment or are involved in business activities in their  desired countries.

Business Visa

For individuals who indulge in business activities in the host country without earning an income from the country.

Asylum/ Refugee Visa

For individuals escaping persecution war, natural disasters and other life threatening situations.

Tourist/ Visitor Visa

Allows individuals to visit their desired countries for touristic and leisure purposes for a predetermined period of time.

Study Visa

For individuals wishing to pursue higher education abroad.

Diplomatic Visa

Issued to holders of diplomatic passports, including head of government, heads of state, and official delegation members. 

Dependent Visa

Allows family members to join a primary applicant in their new home country.

Spouse Visa

For partners who live in two different countries.

Why choose Irish Expert, the best visa consultant in India?

The most efficient way to ensure your visas are approved on time is to get in touch with an experienced visa consultant like Irish Expert. According to the visas you need, the process differs for each and all of the documentation, and the applications need to be perfect for timely approvals.

Efficiently saving time and resources without getting overwhelmed by the whole visa process can be achieved with the help of the best visa consultants in India.

Irish Expert, an experienced visa consultant will take your case step-by-step and make it a priority to handle your paperwork and everything else in a timely manner that will not hamper your visa process.

The best visa consultants in India take care of things like:


  • Types of visas: After hearing your case and what you desire from your chosen destination, a visa consultant can guide you on which visa type should you apply for. If you apply for the wrong type of visa, your visa application could get rejected. Therefore, the abroad visa consultants make sure, no such mistakes disturb your visa approval timeline.
  • Application process: After selecting the best visa type for you, the abroad visa consultant will promptly initiate working on your application process. The application is the primary phase of your visa journey, thus, should be very carefully drafted. The best visa consultant would be careful and would not make any silly mistakes.
  • Job Consultancy: If you require a work visa, it is advisable to seek assistance from Irish Expert, the best visa consultants in India to mitigate the risk of any unfortunate incidents or mishaps in the foreign country. Eligibility criteria may vary based on the specific demands and regulations of each occupation in different countries. 


  • PR Consultancy: If you aspire to attain foreign citizenship in the near future, it is advisable to consult an experienced visa consultantsuch as Irish Expert to help you achieve your goal. These countries boast a high standard of living that attracts individuals from across the globe.
  • Visa Extension/Renewal: If you’re looking to extend or renew your visa, the process can be complex and daunting. Collaborating with a seasoned immigration lawyer at Irish Expert can structure the procedure and offer you peace of mind.


  • Refusals/Appeal/Re-apply: If your work visa is denied or your travel visa is cancelled, it could be due to various reasons, causing stress and concern. It’s crucial to carefully review the refusal letter and decision. To reapply for a visa, you must meet its requirements and be clear of visa restrictions. Our experienced visa consultants can guide you on the optimal immigration strategy, but it’s vital to act swiftly due to strict appeal deadlines.

How to choose the best abroad visa consultants in India?

To choose the best abroad visa consultants in India, consider the following steps:


  • Research: Start by researching reputable visa consultants in India who specialize in handling applications for the country or region you plan to visit. Look for consultants with a strong track record and positive client reviews.
  • Credentials: Verify the credentials of the consultants you’re considering. Ensure they are registered with relevant government authorities and have the necessary certifications to provide visa consulting services.
  • Experience: Look for visa consultants in India with extensive experience in handling visa applications for your desired destination. Experienced consultants are better equipped to navigate the complexities of the visa process and anticipate potential challenges.
  • Services Offered: Assess the range of services offered by the visa consultants in India. They should provide comprehensive assistance throughout the visa application process, including document preparation, application submission, and follow-up with authorities.
  • Client Reviews: Read reviews and testimonials from past clients to gauge the consultants’ reputation and reliability. Positive feedback from satisfied clients is a good indicator of a consultant’s competence and professionalism.
  • Transparency and Communication: Choose visa consultants in India who are transparent about their fees, timelines, and procedures. Effective communication is crucial, so ensure that the consultants are responsive to your inquiries and provide regular updates on your application status.
  • Personal Recommendations: Seek recommendations from friends, family, or colleagues who have used abroad visa consultants in India. Personal referrals can provide valuable insights and help you identify reliable consultants.
  • Consultation Meetings: Schedule consultation meetings with shortlisted consultants to discuss your specific visa requirements. Use this opportunity to assess their professionalism, knowledge, and willingness to address your concerns.
  • Success Rate: Inquire about the success rate of the consultants in securing visas for their clients. A high success rate indicates proficiency and reliability in handling visa applications.
  • Compare Options: Finally, compare the services, fees, and reputations of multiple consultants before making a decision. Avoid making a hasty decision based solely on price, and prioritize the consultant’s track record and reliability.

Countries our abroad visa consultants can help you go to?

Explore exciting opportunities across countries


The visa process for Ireland might be complicated, but our Visa Services team is ready to help. We provide experienced advice and support for various visa categories, including study, employment, and travel visas. Whether you're a student hoping to study in Ireland, a professional looking for work, or a visitor planning a trip, our experienced staff can assist you with the application process, documentation, and compliance.

United Kingdom

Are you starting your journey to the United Kingdom? Our Visa Services team is your reliable companion in the visa application procedure. From application preparation to document submission, count on us to simplify the process and ensure compliance.

New Zealand

Experience the charm and opportunities of New Zealand through our immigration visa services. We're your dedicated partner in achieving your goal of becoming a country resident. Whether you're seeking skilled migration, family sponsorship, or investor visas, our team specializes in simplifying the New Zealand immigration process.


You may easily begin your Australian adventure through our visa services. We are your reliable guides through the complexities of the Australian visa application procedure. We're dedicated to making your Australian dream a reality by simplifying the process.


With our personalized visa services, you can unlock opportunities in Canada. Canada's rich cultural tapestry and various landscapes provide a one-of-a-kind backdrop for your ambitions. Our knowledgeable staff specializes in handling the complexities of Canadian visa applications, ensuring a seamless and trouble-free process.


USA Visa services are indispensable for those looking to explore the United States' vast opportunities. With expert guidance, applicants can navigate the intricacies of USA immigration laws, ensuring compliance and increasing the likelihood of a successful visa application. By optimizing eligibility and offering peace of mind, USA Visa services play a crucial role in helping individuals turn their American dreams into reality.


France's breathtaking scenery, world-class food, and bustling arts scene greet you. Our experienced team specializes in making the French visa application procedure as simple as possible, ensuring a smooth voyage.


With our specialized visa services, you may embrace Germany's rich legacy and innovation. Germany's unique blend of ancient charm and cutting-edge technology provides an unforgettable adventure. From deciphering visa requirements to managing documentation and application submission, we're committed to making your German dreams come true.


Embark on your Spanish adventure with ease through our visa services. Spain's vibrant culture, stunning landscapes, and rich history await your exploration. Our dedicated team specializes in navigating the Spanish visa application process, ensuring a seamless journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a visa and why do I need one for international travel?

A visa is an official document issued by a country's government that grants permission for entry, exit, or transit within its borders. It's necessary for international travel as it outlines the purpose of the visit and specifies the duration of stay allowed.

What services do visa consultancy firms provide?

Visa consultants offer a range of services including visa application assistance, document preparation, submission guidance, visa category selection, interview preparation, and post-visa support such as travel insurance and accommodation arrangements.

Why should I use a visa consultancy firm instead of applying for a visa myself?

Visa consultants have expertise in navigating the complexities of visa processes, ensuring accurate documentation, and providing personalized guidance tailored to your specific requirements. They can save you time, effort, and potential pitfalls in the application process.

How do I choose the right visa consultancy firm for my needs?

Consider factors such as the firm's reputation, experience, success rate, range of services offered, client testimonials, and transparency in fees and processes. Additionally, assess their knowledge of visa regulations for your desired destination. Irish Expert is one of the best abroad visa consultants in India.

What types of visas can I apply for with the assistance of a consultancy firm?

Abroad visa consultants assist with various types of visas including tourist visas, business visas, student visas, work visas, family visas, immigration visas, and specialized visas like dependent visas or skilled worker visas and more according to your unique needs and requirements.

How does the visa application process work with a consultancy firm?

The process typically involves an initial consultation to assess your needs and eligibility, followed by assistance with document preparation, submission of the application, scheduling appointments or interviews, and guidance through any additional requirements or inquiries from immigration authorities.

What are the common challenges people face during the visa application process?

Common challenges include incomplete or inaccurate documentation, lack of understanding of visa requirements, language barriers, and visa interview preparation, navigating changes in visa policies, and dealing with unexpected delays or rejections.

How long does it take to process a visa application with the help of a consultancy firm?

Processing times vary depending on the type of visa, destination country, and specific circumstances of the applicant. Abroad visa consultants provide estimated processing times based on their experience and knowledge of visa processing procedures.

What happens if my visa application is rejected?

In the event of a visa rejection, visa consultants can assist in understanding the reasons for the rejection, exploring options for appeal if applicable, reapplying with necessary modifications, or considering alternative visa options.

Can consultancy firms assist with other immigration-related services besides visa applications?

Yes, many abroad visa consultants offer a range of immigration-related services including citizenship applications, permanent residency applications, legal assistance, and relocation services to support clients in their immigration journey.
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