Significance of physical classroom learning in the Post COVID era

Education systems across the world went upside down during the COVID-19 pandemic. With an overall shift of teaching mechanism from classroom to online mode, almost every feature of learning was tested. It can be concluded that from the methodology of instruction, attendance, technology, to human interaction, everything was re-created with an overall new imagination. The response of the higher education authorities to rapidly adopt technology for maintaining academic continuity is commendable.  However, in the Post-COVID world, we have shifted back to the traditional classroom culture, leaving behind technology-driven virtual learning. And this small write-up is dedicated to understanding the importance of traditional classroom-based education in the Post-COVID times.


Meaning of “Physical Classroom Studies”

Before getting into the discussion with respect to the importance of classroom studies, it is important to understand the meaning of “classroom studies”.

Physical classroom is a one-on-one teaching and learning atmosphere for teachers and students, respectively. It includes a black/white board, projectors, benches, a chair, and a teacher. This classroom environment has been designed in a way to bring over positivity and a sense of focus among the students. These students are less likely to get distracted in this atmosphere, unless your class comprises a bunch of hooligans. The reason for this less distraction and peace is the presence of an academic environment.


Important Features of “Physical Classroom Studies”


Now let’s look into the important features which make physical classroom based learning a better mode of education. 


Supplements overall social development of students

  • In a physical classroom facility, students learn to socialize in the classroom and school. They have a chance to make friends, participate in various co-curricular physical activities, thereby boosting their self-confidence, knowledge, skills, and self-esteem.
  • Developing bonding with friends and teachers results in the making of a responsible, sensible, practical, and cooperative person. 

Encourages analytical thinking among students

  • Students in a classroom arrangement are given various projects by dividing students into different teams. This helps in inculcating new skills, including problem solving tactics, analytical understanding, creativity, and leadership qualities. 

Participation in outdoor games/activities is fun

  • Through a physical classroom environment, students get several opportunities to participate in indoor/outdoor games, and activities. These help them develop physically, and gives them a sense of joy.

Heartens collaborative learning

  • Operating and working in a team inculcates in the students skills like communication, leadership, attention to detail, punctuality, and working together. This later helps in them become cooperative, adaptive, and collaborative.

Unique flexible teaching manner

  • In a classroom set-up, teacher have an opportunity to modify their teaching mechanism and manner. Now some teacher use unique practice of gamifying their manner of teacher in order to make learning more exciting and constructive.

Fosters overall personality

  • A classroom set-up fosters qualities like diligence, self-control, courtesy, generosity, humility, leadership, and solidarity in the students. In a physical classroom set-up, students are required to abide by the academic standard which includes responsibilities relating to their role, discipline, reverence toward elders, maintenance of classroom decorum, and being helpful.

Strengthens student motivation

  • The one-on-one interaction between teacher and students in a classroom set up boost a sense of motivation in latter. It also helps them express their opinions during debates and other classroom discussions.
  • The best motivation for a student is his teacher who inculcates in him potential to produce better work.


It can be thus concluded a physical classroom set up provides student with an environment to gather inputs from the teacher, thereby fostering former’s overall personality and knowledge. The voice, facial expression, body language, and the enthusiasm among teachers to impart quality education on a one-on-one basis motivates the student to develop creativity, and other important skills useful in the upcoming life.

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