Why do you need a British citizenship?

Wish to participate extravagantly in the life of the UK community? Then just go and apply for citizenship in the UK. Sounds obvious, right? But what is the procedure, eligibility criterion, and benefits of applying the same? Let’s understand all of these with the help of this article in a lucid way. 

Obtaining British citizenship automatically awards you a British passport, allowing you to travel freely across the UK isles, without any danger of doing away with your citizenship. Now this is important, especially for those who prefer Indefinite Leave to Remain (hereinafter “ILR”) over the UK citizenship. It is important for them to understand that ILR only allows them a stay in the UK on an indefinite basis. However, one may lose the right to come back if he/she stays abroad for more than 2 years. Regarding people granted settled status under the EU Settlement Scheme (EUSS), losing your citizenship is inevitable if you leave the UK for 5 years or more, or in case you leave it as a Swiss Citizen.

As a result, it is better to choose citizenship over the ILR. This citizenship should also pass to your children even if they are born outside the UK.


Key takeaways

  • The individual would be blessed with the right to live and work permanently in the UK, liberated from the immigration controls.
  • Right to vote in any elections
  • The right to hold one of the most powerful passports in the world. With British Passport, one can travel across more than 180 countries and territories without a visa or simply by applying for a visa on arrival. Not simply just a random passport, it’s a golden key to enter many countries, across the world, with minimum red tapism.
  • Free of cost health care facility from the National Health Service
  • For individuals above the age of 18, a right to stand for public office. However, the said right is not applicable to certain groups of people, including members of the armed forces, a civil servant or someone who has been found guilty of certain criminal offences.
  • A British citizen has full access to UK state benefits. These include child benefit, or a jobseeker allowance.


Overall process to apply for a British Citizenship

Applying for the citizenship of Britain is quite efficient and well run. A simple application has to be made online and its submission should be accompanied by a small application fee. Also, the individual will be required to upload his biometric information. Soon the Immigration department of the UK would contact the person with further directions as to how he can enrol his biometric after making the submission.

Applicants choosing the naturalisation pathway will have to enrol their biometric information to verify their identity. This process needs to be completed within 45 days of making the application. And failure to do so would disprove the application. There are certain cases where, however, the immigration department may re-use biometrics provided previously with an earlier immigration application.

After submitting the biometrics information, where required, the individual shall be given the decision on his application within 6 months. The immigration department would revert you if they want to extract more information in respect of your application. It is important for the applicant to ensure that they possess proper valid permission to stay in the UK until receiving a decision on their application and further attending the citizenship ceremony.

In case of a successful confirmation and grant of British Citizenship, one would have to attend the citizenship ceremony within a period of 90 days. This ceremony would require you to swear an oath of allegiance to the British Monarch, King Charles III, and to pledge loyalty to the UK, a commitment to respect the UK’s rights, freedoms, and laws. 

Following the above procedure, the individual will be presented with the certificate of naturalization as a British Citizen. 


Following the above procedure, the individual will be presented with the certificate of naturalization as a British Citizen. 


Benefits of British Passport in detail (British Passport > Other Passport)  

Opportunity to stay and work permanently in the UK

Possessing a British Passport awards you moments to trail. Qualifying for a British Passport opens several gates of opportunities for an individual.


People who lost their job during COVID would have a golden chance of experiencing the royal culture of the UK by staying there for a while, then accordingly apply for those opportunities with a British Passport.


Chance to study in the UK

One of the other benefits of possessing a British Passport is the chance to pursue your higher education at one of the historical, top notch universities. For an international student with a student visa, a large amount of money with lots of validation is a requisite. However, for an individual with a British passport, you will be granted a ticket to study at one of the prestigious institutions. Additionally, a chance to work along with pursuing your education. 


No restrictions with respect to immigration

Having a British Passport in hand steers you clear of the restrictions possessed by the immigration laws. Thus allowing the individual to move freely across the UK devoid of any fear of strict requirements of immigration laws.


Proof of residency 

A British Passport can act as a proof of residency within the Isles. It also makes you a valid voter and awards you the right to stand for public office, with certain exceptions. 


Ease of travelling

You will hardly find anyone who does not want to travel without a visa. If you belong to that group, then with a British Passport you will have an opportunity to travel smoothly. British Passport acts as an easy travel ticket. There are more than 140 countries allowing Visa free travel with British Passport, while 7 countries only require an online travel authorization. More than 38 countries allow you to travel with a visa on arrival with a British Passport in hand.


Cost free medical facilities with the NHS 

Post COVID, there has been a rising sense of fear among the masses with regards to health care. 

But with a British Citizenship, you are qualified to seek medical assistance from the National Health Service in the UK.


Entitlement to public funds

With the citizenship of Britain in hand, an individual grabs a chance to claim public funds. COVID pandemic and the consequent loss of jobs for many people. Access to public funds would make their lives easier. Therefore, allowing individuals to maintain a decent standard of life. 


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