Germany is amongst the popular destinations for international students in Europe. It is accredited for some of the most significant literature, inventions, and scientific discoveries and has been recognized as the land of poets and thinkers.

German Universities are well known for high-quality education and the tuition fees are said to be more reasonable than in any other European country. To boot, Germany is illustrious for its tuition-free education system. Hence, many ambitious students consider Germany as their study abroad destination and envisage that studying in this magnanimous country will unwrap plentiful openings for the furtherance of one’s life.

Thus, it is critical that the aspirants have to be acquainted with the procedures and rules of the German student visa before applying. Since there are myriad roots on which the German immigration officer may snub your visa application. Consequently, you need to “put your thinking caps on” to come up with ways for an error-free, impeccable visa application. By eluding the common mistakes cited below, you will be able to obtain your student visa and pursue your degree from your dream university.

  1. Incompetent language skills

The inept linguistic skills of the students, make the visa process more complicated. If you have a low score on English proficiency tests (TOEFL/IELTS), the visa assessing officer may underestimate your capability of understanding and may not be confident whether you could succeed academically. As a result, your visa is most likely to be rejected. Similarly, if your study program is in German, you would be interviewed only in German. If you are unsuccessful in answering the visa officer’s enquiries, ultimately it will lead to visa rejection. Hence we advise students to focus on enhancing their language skills.

2. Low academic performance

One of the most common reasons for rejection is the unsatisfactory academic profile of the applicants. It leads the university to rely on your inability to cope with the German education system. Aiming to study in the most thought-provoking and competitive educational systems of the globe demands high academic scores. If you are a student with average scores, you can prove your competence during the interview by highlighting the reasons why you have failed to attain good results and also your future plans for improvising your marks while pursuing your study in Germany. You can also demonstrate your capability by including your work experience and extracurricular activities.

3. Weak financials

You need to ensure that you have sufficient financial support for all your expenses pertaining to your study, accommodation, food, transportation, and medical. In the event, that the financials are not enough and do not meet the requirements this would lead to refusal as the assessing officer is not satisfied that you are financially sound and have adequate finances for your sustenance and survival in Germany.

4. Erroneous choice of insurance

This might be peculiar to most of the applicants, but the wrong choice of insurance would also result in rejection in a few cases where the coverage amount does not match the norms of the Embassy. It is advisable to check the authenticity of the provided and the insurance amount covered before submitting your student visa application.  

  • Submitting false and incorrect documents

The Germany Embassy will look into all the documents submitted for the German student visa. The students must provide the documentation in a complete and set order. The embassy also carries out additional checks to verify the authenticity of the documents and whether or not they are not forged. Often the embassy has received forged IETLS and TOEFL test results, this results in the country ban for five to ten years as this false information/document is causing deception and false representation of the facts which has a severe penalty in terms of re-entering the country.

  • Confusion in choosing your course of study

The academic field bachelor’s degree has to be in line with the master’s degree proposed in Germany. In case of any difference in line of study or specialization, we believe it worth providing proof of work experience in the planned field of study. If you are determined on it, then you have to be confident in order to convince the visa officer that you possess the aptitude and capabilities to gain the upper hand in a different area of specialization.

  • Inadequate preparation for the visa interview

You should have a basic knowledge of the country, which you are targeting. The visa officer will evaluate your case by observing how eloquently you are answering all of his inquiries. For instance, your motive to study in Germany, how you are endeavoring towards achieving your objective, and so on. The visa officer is often keen to know why you choose to study in Germany and what would you do post completion of your studies. The responses made by the student during the interview are very critical and pertinent to concluding an application. To synopsize, above are some of the reasons for the rejection of a German student visa. We at Irish Expert guide international students for reaching their dream destinations. We have successfully processed numerous student visa applications, if you are eager to study in Germany and don’t want to mess up your application, you can reach out to us and we can help you get to Germany smoothly.

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