Arun Challa

I recently applied for my Ireland student visa through Irish Expert, Mumbai Branch. Before discovering Irish Expert, I had consulted with a different education consultant. Unfortunately, my student visa application was refused for a reason I never anticipated. I then appealed the decision on my own, but my appeal was also denied, causing me to lose an entire semester and further hope.

Fortunately, I found Irish Expert through Google, given my case, they suggested me to opt for an initial consultation where their Immigration Lawyer Ms. Surabhi Singh advised me in detail about my chances of success, the next steps and the required documents in detail. I was provided a professional, transparent and honest advice which gave me the confidence to go ahead. After these setbacks, Irish Expert gave me renewed hope, and I decided to reapply for my student visa with their full assistance.

I am thrilled to announce that my visa has finally been granted after a long and challenging journey. My Immigration Lawyer Ms. Surabhi Ma’am and Visa Team Lead Mr. Himanshu from Irish Expert provided meticulous guidance throughout the entire process, assisting me with all the documentation and prepared me for the Embassy interview as well, they left no stone unturned in completing my application.

They are knowledgeable, always helpful and timely prepared my application. A big thanks to their unwavering support, I received my visa in just 10 calendar days. Me and my family are overjoyed as finally my dream has come true and I give the entire credit to Irish Expert and the team members for this success.

I would say Irish Expert is the go-to firm for Ireland visa applications. I wholeheartedly recommend their services to my friends and colleagues. Thank you, Irish Expert! I am incredibly happy and grateful for the constant support, hope and excellent services you have provided.

Dublin Business School, Ireland

Sarala Devi

Thank you for i have very good experience  and I am very satisfied  first I thank you all for corporation, your approach whenever I call you take the call attend the call that is remarking and I am very happy I got the visa, everything was smooth visa processing and all.


My name is Karthika, I am from Kerala. I had an excellent experience with Irish expert. You don’t need to look anywhere else for an IELTS coach. They handled all my queries very politely here, and I would like to thank Jisso Augustin sir, for my success, as it wouldn’t have been possible without the excellent support and guidance he had given throughout. When I began, I was quite nervous and had no clue what the IELTS exam was about. Within a month of the training program, I got the required score to apply for my studies. One thing I would like to say is that never missed classes. Everything I got for the exam was what we discussed in class. Just attend the classes; I am sure your exam will be easy. God bless my sincere thanks to Jisso Augustin sir.

Dharshini Jayraj

I had an amazing experience with Irish Expert Sheryas and Surabhi’s consultation sessions were very informative. They took the time to get to know the candidate and their background. I would like to mention that you have an amazing team. Sumin, my advisor, was just too good with the documentation.

Devarsh Guano

my name is Deavush i am Strength and conditioning coach in mumbai, and i was looking forward to master’s in ireland so applied through Irish Expert I finally got my visa i had a lot of difficulties in my finances and my documentations so Himanshu was my case manager and Surabhi was my immigration lawyer and very special thanks to Nutan who basically you know explain me what exactly irish expert are, not like any other random agencies so i would really recommend to everybody out there who planning to study abroad choose Irish expert because they are really experts

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