Tips for resume marketing

Moving to a new country invites hardship and obstacles, perhaps for those migrants with permits. Therefore, it is important to get a job as soon as you arrive, since establishing yourself in technologically advanced countries like Canada and the UK demands a stable income. And for you to bag a job, preparing a professional resume is a sine qua non, as it gives you an edge in a cutthroat marketplace.

Key aspects of a job-bagging resume

We at Irish Expert do a detailed analysis to resume marketing, working towards getting a better understanding of your goals and aspirations. Rest assured, with the correct format and approach, it’s easier to draft a job-bagging resume.

Well, there are some key points that must be kept in mind by every migrant with respect to their resumes:



  • Avoid the use of fancy borders and keep your resume simple; excess ornamentation can make the resume hard to read, thereby less appealing to the reader.
  • Use a font size ranging between 10 and 12 and font types, namely, Arial or Times New Roman.
  • Try fitting the resume within a single page, and only go for the second page if it is of the utmost necessity.
  • Organize the list of your previous employers in chronological order, with the name of the company, location, and duration of work in one line and the title of your position in the following line.
  • Highlighting all the skills, qualities, and positions of responsibility relevant to the job description increases your chances of being shortlisted.

It must be kept in mind by every work-permit-holding migrant to crow about their achievements and accolades during the recruitment process. The migrant should therefore ensure the inclusion of as many accomplishments as possible. This is important because, unless the recruiting manager is satisfied with your relevant skills and achievements, getting through the first round of interviews is difficult. Taking care of grammar and spelling makes your resume more professional.

Seek assistance from Irish Expert

At Irish Expert, we have an array of experienced team members who help people immigrate to various countries around the world. We understand the individual requirements and challenges associated with the immigration policies of each country. And thus, we can provide you with the best guidance to streamline your journey.

What are we and why choose us?

Irish Expert was founded in 2017 with the goal of giving dreamers like us, wings to work or settle overseas.

Irish Expert has been able to meet the clients’ demands holistically and provide services that meet their expectations. Head, heart, and hands – all working to fulfill dreams to each individual or corporate.  

Our immigration advisors and lawyers are professionals at handling visa and immigration applications for all major locations, including the United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, and India. Over a 6 + years of successful visa application (whether work visa, study visa, or travel visa) assistance to thousands of candidates ensures efficiency and effectiveness in visa approvals for us. Every case is unique, as are the method and criteria. When necessary, we ensure that all relevant parties coordinate.

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