Permanent Settlement Visa: An Overview

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A general overview of permanent resident visa (PR) reveals that securing a right to a permanent residence awards you the legal resident status of the host country. It is permanent in nature, and someone with such legal status would be called a permanent resident. However, not every nation permits permanent residence.  Rules and laws relating to the same may vary broadly. For instance, countries in the European Union have their own set of rules for you to become a permanent resident. Under European legislation, EU nationals are allowed to move from one EU nation to another and attain PR after residing there for a period of five years. For migrants from third-world nations, PR can be attained as per the directive (2003/109/EC).

Proof of a permanent settlement

People granted PR in a country are usually awarded some documentary proof of this status. While some countries merely stamp the migrant’s passport, designating him the PR status, exempting them from immigration control and allowing them the freedom to work without restriction, others simply issue photo ID proof, place a visa sticker or certificate of residence in the person’s passport, or issue a letter to substantiate their permanent resident visa. For instance, in Canada, migrants are issued a permanent resident card in the form of a photo ID card. Migrants are also provided an official document known as the Confirmation of Permanent Settlement or Record of Landing, proof of a permanent settlement conferred.

Apply for Permanent Settlement Visa: Benefits and Limitations

Different countries offer different benefits and limitations for Applying for PR Visa.

For instance, in the European Union, individuals are accorded benefits like tax incentives, the right to buy and rent properties in Europe, business expansion in Europe, high-quality education in European universities, and visa-free travel with an EU residence permit. In Canada, a person with PR has a right to renew their visa after 5 years, permission to bring dependents, free education for children, global healthcare facilities, and freedom to initiate business.



Although an individual with PR possesses similar rights to those of a citizen, there are certain important limitations to the same, namely:

  • No voting rights (the UK’s commonwealth citizens and New Zealand allow voting).
  • No right to stand for public office (European Union citizens possessing a PR in an EU state are permitted to stand in local and European elections).
  • Prohibition on holding public sector employment. However, Canada and New Zealand permit the same.
  • Prohibition on applying for jobs involving national security.
  • There is no right to own certain types of real estate.
  • No issuance of passports for that country

Nonetheless, individuals with a PR may apply for a permanent resident visa by naturalization after a particular period of permanent settlement (mostly, five years) in the host country. Some countries even permit dual or multiple citizenship.

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