Comprehensive Ranking System

The Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) is a points-based system used by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to assess and rank candidates for the Express Entry program, which is the primary pathway for skilled workers to immigrate to Canada. The CRS evaluates candidates based on various factors, including age, education, work experience, language proficiency, and other factors related to adaptability and skills transferability.

Candidates create an Express Entry profile and enter details about their qualifications, work experience, language proficiency test results, and other relevant information. Based on this information, candidates are assigned a CRS score, which reflects their overall eligibility for immigration to Canada.

The CRS score is used to rank candidates in the Express Entry pool against each other. Periodically, IRCC conducts Express Entry draws, during which candidates with the highest CRS scores are invited to apply for permanent residency in Canada. The minimum CRS score required to receive an invitation to apply (ITA) varies with each draw and depends on factors such as the number of available spots and the demand for certain skills in the Canadian labor market.

Candidates who receive an ITA have a limited time to submit a complete application for permanent residency, including supporting documents and fees. Those who meet all eligibility requirements and pass medical and security checks are issued permanent resident visas, allowing them to live and work in Canada indefinitely.

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