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Visa processing time reduced to two to five days

Germany is streamlining its visa processes to attract talent,students, and workers from across the globe. This shift paves the way for exciting opportunities for Indians seeking international education and rewarding careers.

The latest update is that the waiting period for a German visa appointment for Indians will now be two to five days. In a recent statement, Phillip Ackermann, the German Ambassador to India, told ANI that the wait time for the current visa processing time has significantly improved compared to last year.This dramatic improvement compared to the past year underscores Germany’s commitment to efficient visa processing, particularly for Indian applicants. Ackermann told ANI, “We have in the last couple of weeks and months improved the visa service as such, that basically, your waiting time for an appointment is between two days and five days, actually. And that’s India-wise. So basically, we are very proud that now, with the current service we are extending to the Indian public, visas can be issued in a very short time, much better than a year ago. And I think we’ll crack this year… I’m very happy to tell you that on the visa front, things are much better than they were.”


Germany is witnessing a surge in the number of Indian students choosing to pursue their higher education there.
In the last few years, there has been a significant increase in the enrolment of Indian students in their universities. According to the data provided by Germany’s academic exchange service, DAAD, in
October, Indian students surpassed Chinese in the academic year 2022–23. They make up 46,200 students, or 12% of the international student population, a staggering 146% increase over the past five years.
This surge aligns perfectly with Germany’s ambitions to fill the gap created by its labour shortages, particularly in skilled vocational sectors.


The streamlining of the immigration and visa processes will allow foreigners to migrate to study or work in Germany. It is being executed through the Skilled Immigration Act.
The Skilled Immigration Act, approved in July 2023, will be executed in three parts, starting this year in November and continuing through March and June of 2024. It will simplify the process for
Indian students and foreign workers, especially those with
vocational and non-academic qualifications. This marks a significant shift from the traditional focus on university degrees, opening doors for skilled artisans, technicians, and professionals from diverse
backgrounds. 60,000 individuals annually are expected to increase the number of non-EU workers in Germany through this reform.
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