What is an Accredited Employer Work Visa (AEWV) ?

AEWV stands for Accredited Employer Work Visa. It’s a type of work visa in New Zealand that allows people from other countries to work there. The “Accredited Employer” part means that the employer (the company or person hiring) has been approved or accredited by the New Zealand government. This visa has been made to make it easier for skilled workers to come and work in New Zealand.


The recent changes in the AEWV category aim to ensure fairness in the treatment of migrants and simplify the visa application process.

Points to note in the new AEWV changes

Let’s look at what these Accredited Employer Work Visa (AEWV) changes are:

90-Day Trials Removed: Starting from October 29th, 2023, when hiring under AEWV, accredited employers can no longer add 90-day trial periods in the employment agreement. This change will help promote and improve fairness in hiring migrant workers with legitimate labour needs or skills gaps. Job-checking applications should not come with a trial period. Accredited employers who violate the rules risk getting their accreditation revoked; a vigilant check will be conducted on the same.
AEWV Job Check application: Starting on October 29th, 2023, AEWV Job Check applications that are being reviewed will be turned down if they include an employment agreement with a trial period, no matter when they were submitted. However, this does not apply to applications that are based on Job Checks that were approved before October 29, 2023, or for migrants who have applied for an AEWV using a Job Check that was approved before this date.
AEWV Employer Accreditation Updates: Changes have been made to the immigration rules to make it clearer how an employer’s accreditation under AEWV can be suspended or revoked. Starting on October 29th, 2023, accreditation may be suspended if immigration officials or other regulators check to see if the employer is following the rules for immigration, employment, and business. This applies to both official investigations and general checks on compliance. Employers are not allowed to make visa applicants and current visa holders pay for certain expenses.
Threshold changes: AEWV Labour Hire Employment: Starting November 27th, 2023, the accredited labour-hire firms placing migrants in specific construction roles must establish a minimum of 35% of their labour-hire workforce consisting of New Zealand citizens and residents in full-time employment. Previously, the threshold was 15%. Existing employers maintaining the 15% threshold are not going to lose their accreditation but now must maintain it at 35%.
Processing Time Increased: INZ has reframed its AEWV assessment method to increase the precision and authenticity of job listings and help the employer support
the hiring of migrant workers. In consequence, the processing time of the application has increased. Most applications can now take over 10 days to process. Employers are encouraged to plan for a minimum of six weeks for the completion of accreditation and job check applications, considering the current processing times. This extended
timeframe allows for a thorough assessment and ensures adherence to immigration procedures. In cases where there is an urgent need for allocations, employers have the option to expedite the process by utilising the INZ employment visa escalation procedure, providing a quicker resolution for time-sensitive situations.


In conclusion, the recent changes to New Zealand’s Accredited Employer Work Visa (AEWV) indicate a commitment to fairness and transparency in the treatment of migrant workers. 90-day trial period removal, updates to accreditation processes, an adjusted threshold, and increased processing times signify a comprehensive effort to streamline the visa application system. While these changes may present challenges, they aim to ensure a more equitable and efficient environment for both employers and skilled workers seeking opportunities in New Zealand.

Are you also looking forward to working in New Zealand?

These new changes might confuse you. Make sure to connect with a qualified immigration lawyer who can easily explain the complexities of these visa changes and make sure your visa gets approved smoothly. Place your fate in the hands of an expert and keep turning your dreams into reality.

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