The very fact that you are reading this demonstrates that you are considering using an Immigration expert to assist you in securing a successful outcome with a Visa application and are carefully weighing up your options? We fully appreciate how difficult it can be to decide whether to apply yourself, whether to use an immigration consultant and how important your visa approval is to your future. The immigration system was designed to allow you, the individual, to apply yourself but you have to ask….why are there so many companies out there offering services like Irish Expert?
The simple answer is that the current immigration system can be complicated, contradictory and on occasion downright misleading. What many people including the Home Office / Consulate forget is that the visa process itself is not about online forms or complex rules; it’s about people, their lives and their future. Rest assured that we experience the very same frustrations that our clients face when dealing with the process of securing a Visa, but the fundamental difference between us is knowledge and decades worth of experience. Visa approvals are what we live and breathe daily, so we don’t get caught out, like many people applying on their own, by frequent internal policy changes or not knowing the latest reasons given when refusing a Visa application.

Imagine you knew every reason ever given for denying a Visa application? You would be able to prepare your application, without assistance, in full confidence that your Visa would be granted. You would also not be risking the expensive Government fees, and there would not be any risk that you would have to leave the country. This is where we justify the trust that our clients place in us to ensure they remain in their loved country from their initial application through to Citizenship. With the government fees at their highest since records began and with a government that appears intent on reducing the immigration figures…why take the risk? Don’t for a minute think that you are alone in this situation as together we can ensure you have the best chance possible of securing your Visa approval. Let us fight on your behalf to make sure that you do not lose your government fees and more importantly, risk your future.
Our team had 99% of visa approvals till now, we are the main consultant who assist visa applications for many countries which none of the agencies even touched. We always counter check every applications till we fully satisfied as good to go and without final confirmation from the relevant Immigration advisors/solicitors never submit it. If any applications have a chance of refusal, we ensure that the chances of refusal minimized maximum we can. Taking complicated cases and making them success is our passion.
We hope that you will allow us to obtain your Visa approval and feel free to contact us anytime. Remember, we are never more than a phone call or call-back request away, and we look forward to working with you.