Top 7 Part –Time Jobs for Indian Students in the US

Who does not want to pursue his higher education at Harvard or Stanford, or maybe just any other US-based university? Home to some of the world’s renowned institutions, the quality of education and global exposure that United States-based institutions offer is unmatchable. However, getting admission to these colleges demands fund in large numbers. And it is quite common among international students to indulge in small jobs to bear their daily expenditure.

This blog is dedicated to educating the masses regarding the part-time jobs or small jobs in the United States for Indian students.

TOP 7 Part – time jobs available in the USA along with the salary

The upcoming paragraph comprises a long list of jobs for students in the U.S. These opportunities have been planned explicitly for international students. 

  1. OPT & STEM OPT- Salary: $49,040 per year

  • Under OPT or Optional Practical Training, a student would be allowed to work temporarily for a period up to 12 months or after joining the college.

  • Like OPT, students pursuing courses in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) can tap a temporary opportunity for another 12 months after completing their first year.


  1. Library Monitor – Salary: $ 46,000 per year

  • As a library monitor, one needs to maintain the silence in the college library and oversee the study areas. This job requires quite a lot of time to study and prepare for any upcoming exam.


  1. Translator – Salary: $ 53,082 per year

  • Duty to convert information from one language to another

  • Proficiency in speaking and writing in at least two languages is a necessity.

  • Ability to comprehend the culture of the languages that you are required to work in along with the power to retain clarity and context

  • If you possess advanced level knowledge of languages like German, Arabic, French, or Spanish, then there is a high probability that you will qualify for this job.


  1. Tour Guide – $ 34,406 per year

  • Duty to show tourists different travel destinations

  • Flexibility in schedule allows students to balance their academic and professional lives.

  • You need to be an easy communicator with the power to speak of the destinations in a positive light.

  • Further duties include grabbing the required knowledge of the place and facilities, and the ability to answer a variety of questions from tourists.


  1. Content Writer- $ 54, 321 per year

  • Duty to write articles, blogs, podcasts, e- books, captions, and develop digital contents.

  • Fluency in any one language is an essentiality.

  • Need for research skills, along with the proficiency in word processing software and communication skills.

  1. Data Entry Agent – Salary: $ 31,200

  • Duty to update data from different sources on a client’s servers.

  • Familiarity with word processing and spreadsheet software.

  • Need for typing and communication skills.


  1. Social Media Assistant – Salary: $ 31,000

  • Duty to supervise a company’s social media initiatives to improve its virtual presence.

  • Highly recommended for students who possess an understanding of social media algorithms and curating mechanism.


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