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Guide for Parents

Parents should research their child’s program, location, and cultural differences before leaving. Irish Expert offers various programs and resources to help parents understand the details. Establishing regular communication and discussing expectations with the child is crucial. Irish Expert provides various communication channels, and parents should consider logistics like travel, insurance, and financial support. Having a plan for emergencies is also essential.

Guide to Study Abroad

Irish Expert offers a comprehensive guide for parents to navigate the study abroad process, ensuring a safe and successful experience. It covers selecting a destination, financial planning, visa requirements, cultural differences, and cultural challenges. The guide encourages parental support, encouraging independence and personal growth while promoting communication and understanding. Parents can feel confident in their ability to guide their children.

Why Study Abroad

Irish Expert offers study abroad programs for students to explore new places, gain new perspectives, and enhance their resume and career prospects by demonstrating their adaptability and cultural understanding.

Visa Interview Training

Irish Expert offers Visa Interview Training to students, preparing them for crucial visa interviews. The service provides personalized guidance on visa requirements, preparing necessary documentation, and answering interview questions. Irish Expert’s experienced advisors ensure accurate and timely completion of required documents and provide up-to-date information on visa regulations in their desired destination country, ensuring a stress-free visa application process.

Free Counselling

Irish Expert offers comprehensive study abroad counselling services to students, providing personalized attention and support throughout their academic journey. With a team of experienced education counsellors, students can clarify their academic goals, find academic options that align with their budget, and instill confidence about their choices. Irish Expert also offers self-evaluation tools, mentorship, and career plans based on students’ interests and preferences. This platform helps students take informed steps towards their educational aspirations and achieve their dream education.

Choose Destination

Choosing a destination for studying abroad can be a daunting task, as it can have a significant impact on your experience and future opportunities. If you want to improve your language skills, it is best to choose a destination where the language of instruction is not your native language. The academic programs and courses offered by the university or institution are crucial factors to consider when choosing a destination for studying abroad. The cost of accommodation, transportation, food, and other expenses can vary significantly depending on the destination you choose.


Explore Germany's strong focus on research and innovation. Benefit from tuition-free or low-cost education, immerse yourself in rich history and culture, and discover vibrant cities during your academic journey.


Immerse yourself in France's arts, cuisine, and intellectual traditions. Explore renowned universities, a rich cultural heritage, and a central location in Europe that foster academic excellence and personal development.


Immerse yourself in Ireland's rich cultural heritage and renowned educational institutions. Discover picturesque landscapes, vibrant cities, and a welcoming atmosphere as you pursue your higher education.


Dive into Spain's vibrant culture and Mediterranean climate while pursuing your education. With top universities, language immersion opportunities, and a lively social scene, it offers a unique academic experience.


Immerse yourself in the Australian way of life while pursuing world-class education. With top-ranked universities, diverse ecosystems, and a relaxed lifestyle, Australia offers a well-rounded academic and cultural experience.


Explore Malaysia's diverse and multicultural society. Enjoy affordable yet high-quality education, a blend of modern infrastructure and natural beauty, and a strategic location in Southeast Asia Affordable, diverse, and vibrant.


Discover Singapore's dynamic and cosmopolitan environment. Access cutting-edge research facilities, global connections, and a multicultural society that prepares you for success in a globalized world.


Experience Switzerland's commitment to excellence in education. From hospitality management to finance and engineering programs, benefit from top-quality education, stunning landscapes, and a high standard of living.


Unlock vast educational opportunities in Canada. Renowned for its high-quality universities and colleges, Canada provides a multicultural society, stunning natural beauty, and a nurturing environment for personal and academic growth.

United Kingdom

Experience world-class education in the UK. With prestigious universities, diverse academic programs, and a rich history and culture, the UK offers a transformative learning experience.


Irish Expert offers pre-departure orientation and in-country support to students preparing for their study abroad experience. The orientation covers cultural differences, safety, and academic expectations. In-country support includes assistance with accommodation, local navigation, and healthcare services. Experienced advisors provide guidance and support throughout the program. Irish Expert also offers networking opportunities for international students and professionals.

Emotional Support

Irish Expert offers emotional support to students experiencing homesickness or culture shock while studying abroad,

Career Support

Irish Expert provides career guidance and support to students studying abroad, offering personalized advice,

Language Training

Irish Expert provides personalized language training to students, enhancing communication and comprehension in academic

Cultural Orientation

Irish Expert offers language support services to help students familiarize themselves with the cultural norms  of their host country

Forex & Ticketing

Forex and ticketing are crucial aspects of study abroad preparations that require careful planning and attention to detail. Irish Expert offers a range of services to assist students with these important tasks, ensuring that they are fully prepared for their journey and able to focus on their studies once they arrive at their destination. Irish Expert also offers ticketing services, helping students to secure the best possible prices and routes for their travel to and from their study abroad destination. With Irish Expert’s support, students can rest assured that their travel plans are in good hands and that they will be able to arrive at their destination safely and on time.


Irish Expert assists students in finding safe, comfortable accommodation options for studying abroad, including on-campus residence halls, homestays, apartments, and hostels. They guide students through the selection and booking process, provide information on location, amenities, and safety measures. By working with Irish Expert, students can have peace of mind knowing their accommodation needs are met and they have access to support and resources.

Global Post Landing Support

Irish Expert’s Global Post Landing Support is a crucial service for students planning to study abroad. It aids in settling in and adapting to their new environment, including assistance with accommodation, rental processes, practical matters like bank accounts and course registration, and guidance on transportation options. This invaluable service ensures a smooth transition for students, overcoming initial challenges and promoting a successful international experience.

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