Short Term Study Visa

The short-term study immigration route allows non-EEA nationals to come to the UK to undertake a short period of study where the duration is less than six months or a part-time course where attendance in Cambridge is only required for short periods.

Do not assume that you can study without a visa, even if you are allowed to visit the UK as a tourist. An immigration status as a standard visitor / tourist does not permit the holder to enter the UK for the purpose of study.

You will need a letter to support entry to the UK as a short-term student. Letter of Acceptance to Studies.

Restrictions of the short-term study visa

  • You cannot take employment in the UK (including part-time or full-time vacation employment);
  • You cannot undertake a work placement/internship (paid/unpaid) as part of the course of study;
  • You cannot work on a self-employed basis in the UK or be involved in business activities;
  • You must leave the UK within 30 days after the end of your study period or before your leave expires, whichever is earlier;
  • You cannot extend your stay in the UK;
  • You must demonstrate you have the funds to support yourself during your studies in the UK.

Prospective student

This route is for people who need to finalize their arrangements for their Tier 4 course of study in the UK. You can visit the UK as a prospective student if you intend to study in the UK under Tier 4 of the points-based system but you have not completed all the arrangements for your course of study. For example, you can come here as a prospective student if you have been provisionally accepted on a course, with final acceptance dependent on an interview.

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