Resident visa for skilled Migrant category

The Authorities welcome individuals who have skills that are required to add to economic growth of New Zealand by applying to this visa. Before we can welcome you to apply, we’ll initially require you to send us an Expression of Interest (EOI) showcasing us your experience, educational qualifications and capacity to settle in New Zealand. If your Expression of Interest is accepted you will be offered the chance to apply for living and working in New Zealand for indefinite time. Under the Skilled Migrant Category if you have skills, educational qualifications or experience that is needed in New Zealand and hence you can apply for resident visa.

The Skilled Migrant Category is a system of points that depends on factors like age, work experience, your educational qualifications, and an offer showing skilled employment. You should be aged 55 or under, and meet English health, language, and character prerequisites.

Anyone who is holder of Resident Visa class is entitled with:

  • To live in New Zealand for indefinite time
  • To have the liberty of working in any of the exclusive zone of New Zealand
  • To have the liberty of studying in New Zealand
  • To have the freedom of receiving free or subsidized health care at New Zealand’s publicly funded health services.
  • To have free education at state based primary or secondary schools, also subsidized fees for the domestic students at all private schools and various tertiary institutions.
  • To freely vote in elections (after one year of residence).
  • To have the rights to receive social security benefit (such as Sole Parent Support, Jobseeker Support or Supported Living Payment after two years’ residence; after ten years’ of residence for New Zealand’s Superannuation; varies for other benefits as well).
  • To have the right of sponsoring a partner, parents or dependent children during their application for visa

Difference between Resident and Permanent Resident visa

A permanent resident visa holder has every right to enter at the border at any time, while the resident visa holder can only apply for entry permission (either before or after travelling to New Zealand). All the other rights and regulations only become effective, if the entry is given to the resident visa holder.

Generally, a resident visa is issued including travel conditions, as it allows the holder to enter the country many times until the time these conditions expire. After this, the holder may stay in the country in a proper legal way but must not lose or leave it its resident status.

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