Last update 21st February 2020

This privacy notice has been compiled to help you understand why we ask you for your personal information when you use one of our websites and how we will store and use this information.

Irish Expert LLP, an Irish Group owned company, is the principle company and the Data Controller in the Irish Expert LLP.

At the heart of our work is helping you and other users find suitable courses and learning providers. This is defined as our Legitimate Business Interest. We process your personal data to help you make informative decisions when selecting courses and learning providers.
We do that by:

     * Providing extensive educational information
     * Providing advertising and promotional opportunities for education providers
     * Providing features to enable users to directly contact education providers
     * Recommending things which we think you’ll like, such as courses and learning providers
     * Notifying you about things you’ve told us you like, such as a new course in your local area
     * Personalizing sections of our websites to your preferences
     * Dealing with any requests you make or content you submit
     * Getting in touch if we need to tell you about something, like a change to our policies or issues with our service
     * Monitoring usage and performance in order to improve the services we offer.

This privacy notice applies to all our website and users whether registered or not, including people responding to surveys, competitions and writing reviews.

Keeping your information safe and private is very important to us. All our services are designed with privacy and security in mind.

Collecting and using your personal data

You can browse our websites without providing any personal information. However, to use some of our enhanced functionality will sometimes ask for additional information in order to process your request. Examples include:

     * Providing your name, email, and contact details to request a prospectus or make an enquiry to an education provider.
     * Providing your name, email address, and preferences to create an account to receive email newsletters and save your preferences.
     * Providing your name, contact details, and education history to engage with offline education counseling services.

The details we request for each piece of enhanced functionality will depend on what is required to perform the action. For example:

     * If we need to contact you by email, we will request your email address.
     * If we tailor your experience by displaying available courses, we will ask for your preferred start date.

Details of why we collect each piece of information is displayed clearly next to the field used to enter the data.

A full list of the data collected by each website is available on the site-specific data collection notice.

We also collect some technical information while you use our websites. For example, information on the type of browser you use and your IP address. This information is used to maintain and monitor the performance of our websites. 


We use cookies on our websites to provide login and preferences functions, and to collect anonymised data on user interactions. For example, we use cookies to:

     * Keep you logged into the website.
     * Understand and save your user preferences for future personalised experience and to allow us to deliver the type of content and products in which you
     are most interested.
     * To provide targeted content and advertising based on your preferences and previous interactions. We work with third-party companies to provide
     targeted advertising. Personal data is not shared with these companies. Further details of the companies we work with are available within our Cookie

Personal information is never held on any of our first-party cookies.

You can choose to have your computer block some or all cookies for you. You do this through your browser settings. Each browser is a little different, so look at your browser’s Help menu to learn the correct way to modify your cookies.

If you disable cookies, some advanced features will be disabled and some of our services may not function as intended.

Anonymised analytics

We use Google Analytics to log review aggregated use data across all of our websites. No personal data is shared with Google Analytics.

Geographical data and geotargeting

As with all websites, your IP address is sent to us each time a webpage is viewed. For some functionality we use this, along with geo-location information provided by your browser to provide location-specific content within our websites and apps. Your IP address and location information is stored anonymously, and not associated with any other personal details. You can stop sharing this information by changing your browser settings.

Storing your data

The personal data you provide is stored in a secure hosting environment based in the UK. We employ a range of technology and procedures to ensure that this data is secure, including encryption, anti-virus and anti-malware software, intrusion detection, company-wide data usage policies, and mandatory security and privacy staff training.
Your data is not stored outside EU however may be accessed by one of our principal companies based in India or Singapore if they need to provide you with a service on our behalf. To ensure your data is secure and we comply with our privacy obligation, we have data sharing agreements and security operational and technical measures in place with these companies. 

How long will you keep my information for?

We will keep your data for as long as we are required to, either:

     * By law, for example to meet financial regulations relating to payments
     * For as long as we require the data to provide a service to you.

Personal data is deleted in accordance with our internal retention policy. All identifiable personal data is deleted three years following your last interaction with this website, for users registering from within the UK, and after two years for international markets.

Email newsletters

As industry experts, it is our primary objective to help you with your educational journey. If you subscribe to University Newsletters via our website, we will send you news and updates of courses, open days, events and scholarships from universities and partners that match your interests. You will receive these newsletters based on your course, institution or location search history. We will not share your personal data with these institutions. You can withdraw your consent at any point by logging in to our website and going to your profile page. For more details please contact us via the contact details provided in this Notice.

Market Research, Surveys and Competitions

To be in a position to offer you beneficial services and products, or to advise our partners on your educational preferences, we often run surveys and market research campaigns which you can choose to take part in.
The data collection, use and storage vary depending on the focus of the research. Before supplying any personal information and for more details on the research we are conducting, please read the privacy note included on each survey or survey invitation you receive from us. We currently run surveys using a 3rd party platform called Type form.
For market research, we may engage a specialist company to conduct the research on our behalf and they may have access to your personal data. We will take all steps necessary to protect your personal data throughout the research period and either randomizes it or delete it when it is no longer required.

Sharing your data with partners

We work with range of learning providers that advertise courses on our platforms or offer services relevant to your educational research journey.

Your personal data will only be shared with learning providers you have chosen to engage with via our websites. For example, when you make an enquiry or a prospectus request to an institution, your details relating to that enquiry will be provided to the institution so that they may answer your enquiry directly.

We also provide anonymised site usage data to providers to enable them to monitor enrolment from users who use our websites.

If you take part in one of our market research campaigns or surveys, we will never share your personal data with our partners, we only share aggregated data that cannot identify you individually.Our data handling procedures ensure your personal data is protected through the service you receive from us. Furthermore, we have data sharing agreements in place with our partners to make sure they apply security operational and technical measures when processing your personal information.

Changes to the Privacy Notice

The date of the most recent version will appear on the top of this page. From time to time we may be updating this Privacy Notice, please review it each time you are to submit personal information. If we make any significant changes to this notice we will send you an email informing you of these amendments. If you do not agree with these changes please do not use our websites to provide personal information. 

Further questions

If you have any question or complaints regarding your personal data, please contact the Chief Marketing Officer at the address below:

Chief Marketing Officer
Irish Expert LLP
First Floor, Korapath Building, 
Woodlands avenue, MG Road,

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