Ireland is a safe and friendly country and has been widely recognized in terms of quality of life, peace and development. It welcomes the international students with open arms. Many international students choose Ireland because Irish qualifications are acknowledged for excellence across the globe. Although students can access a wide range of programmes in business schools, centres of scientific and technology, humanities and arts, studying the subjects like artificial intelligence, Machine learning and Data Science are becoming most advantageous in Ireland. Let us look into the reasons in greater depth.

What is Artificial Intelligence all about?

Studying Artificial Intelligence (AI) is known to be a significant subject and indeed the spectacular area to be concentrated as far as the field of computer science and engineering is concerned. This subject is of course a great challenge to the students as it focuses on creating machines in such a manner that the machines learn, adapt and exhibit intelligence. The research on Artificial Intelligence interprets that A.I. might simply transform our lives to an entirely different world where everything is possible with an application of Artificial Intelligence controlled power grids. In addition, as per the estimation on global industrial growth by the World Economic Forum, it is anticipated that machines cold perform more current work tasks than humans by 2025.

Why should a student pursue Masters in Artificial Intelligence in Ireland?

For pursuing masters in artificial intelligence, there are many universities across the world, in spite Ireland is exceptional in numerous ways which are detailed below:

  • First and foremost thing is the course fee is a lot cheaper and Ireland has been ranked on the top for its Artificial Intelligence capacity based on implementation, innovation and investment when compared with other countries in Europe.
  • Some of the universities offering masters in artificial intelligence in Ireland were amongst the globally ranked institutes.
  • A student is given choices whether to continue as full time or part time while registering for the course.
  • With the availability of Post-graduate work permit, the International students could stay back for a period of two years even after completing their full-time studies in Ireland which helps them to settle in a job right away.
  • It was also predicted that AI and related technologies are expected to boost Irish GDP in the coming recent future.
  • Many tech experts are currently working in Ireland, more IT jobs are expected to be created in the coming years for MS in Artificial Intelligence. This technology would be applied for drones, augmented reality games, security cameras, robots and much more.

Scholarships to study Masters in Artificial Intelligence in Ireland

In order to support the international students who wish to enrol their higher education in Artificial Intelligence, various scholarships are given to them without any payment. Hence, the student can attempt to apply for the following:

  • University of LImerick India PG Scholarship,
  • Max Arthur Macauliffe Special Merit Scholarship,
  • Government of Ireland International Education Scholarship,
  • J.N. Tata Endowment Scholarship.

Let us look into the facts on why one should do MS in Data Science in Ireland?

There are multiple online sources created for a specific purposes, the collected data got accumulated which need to be analysed. Due to this explosion of data, there is a high demand globally for data scientists and analysts to extract the useful information. It has become a requisite for large businesses like Google, Facebook, etc. It was also observed that the big data analytics and business analytics are among the top scarcest skills in the world of today. Hence more international aspirants are looking for countries expressly Ireland in view of taking up Data Science for their higher education.  As a Data Science student in Ireland, you can acquire the vital skills that can sharpen your knowledge to become a successful data scientist in the long run. You could be able to solve multifaceted scientific problems and analyse bulk sets of data with a range of theoretical tools.

Furthermore, it supports the students to enhance the skills sets meant for practical programming and data analytics. These mainly include applications in high-performance computing and the students could get job opportunities in diverse sectors of data analytics namely computational science, engineering and quantitative modelling in finance. Many universities which offer Masters in Data Science in Ireland have made their place in the Global rankings. The Ireland universities accepts applications from students with technical backgrounds such as engineering, computer science, and mathematics.

Why machine learning is important in Ireland:

Some Ireland universities and colleges offer masters in Data Science with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning too. Machine Learning handles multi-dimensional data, as it involves the concepts of data mining and statistical pattern recognition. For example, it easily identifies the trends and patterns which are impossible for human eyes. It is advantageous to study in Ireland is mainly because of the trending careers blooming in this industry. It was stated that the companies like Stelfox, Xilinx, and Ding hire Machine Learning graduates from Ireland.

Above all, presently Ireland has more vacancies for students pursuing MS in Artificial Intelligence, Data Science and Machine Learning. The following universities are highly valued for their courses in Ireland for international students.

  • Trinity College Dublin,
  • University College of Dublin,
  • National University of Ireland Galway,
  • Maynooth University,
  • University College Cork,
  • Dublin City University.

To recapitulate, the subject of Artificial Intelligence is found to be most thrilling and blossoming in the field of Information and Communication Technology industries.                             The Data Science and Machine Learning are also an industry-driven courses, where the degree of employability is said to be maximum and promising. Therefore, it’s the right time, you can join in any of those three courses and eagerly learn the latest technologies which would take you to a greater height in your professional life. For guidance, we are here at IRISH EXPERT, just a call away. Connect with us for more details about your admission today.

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