Best countries to Immigrate from India

Luckily, the world is your oyster for migration choices, with varying criteria for every region. You have an extensive choice of the best countries to Immigrate with high-level development in sectors like technology, education, and healthcare. If you are contemplating any of them, get connected to an amazing immigration services provider, Irish Expert, which will guide you towards the best countries to Immigrate from India.


You need to take into consideration various factors when choosing a country, as each of them has a different yardstick for immigration. Sometimes one might impose restrictions on immigration. Consequently, it will pose challenges to your relocation to another country.


Carrying out business without any burden from higher wings, getting your children admitted to some historical university, or simply getting a work permit in any technologically advanced country, the idea of relocating or living permanently is based on your needs and goals.

The top 4 yardsticks to choose the best countries to immigrate from India

Living expenses: Most of the migrations are into first-world countries. And for migrants, the cost of living is, therefore, one of the important criteria for consideration. These criteria can be approximated with the assistance of various data given by the natives. For example, Numbeo’s annual Cost of Living Index in 2023 ranked Switzerland, Norway, and Iceland as having the highest cost of living in Europe. In the case of the Americas, Bermuda ranks highest in the cost of living, while Singapore, Israel, and Hong Kong are the most expensive countries in Asia.


Parameters like renting and buying real estate, utilities, groceries, and education are taken into account while calculating the results that can be explained well by well-informed immigration services.



Quality of life: Happiness is the ultimate meaning of quality of life. Now if you are in touch with an immigration services provider, they will tell you a migrant who is dreaming of a work permit in any of the Scandinavian countries might have all his grievances wiped out, as he has a chance to become one of the happiest people in the world. This is because, as per the World Happiness Report published annually by the UN, almost all the Scandinavian countries, like Finland and Denmark, have taken the top spots in quality of life for the fifth year in a row. However, Canada, Germany, and Portugal are still the most popular countries for migration. And they are ranked 14th, 15th, and 16th, respectively.



Parameters like GDP per capita, life expectancy, social support, freedom of choice, generosity, and the perception of corruption are some of the key elements considered while making the report.



Level of security: To choose the best countries to immigrate from India, a proper assessment of the level of safety in the host country is important for every migrant. And the Global Peace Index provides you with a list of countries considered most peaceful and safe. With the lowest rate of crime, a reliable security system, and fair wages, this list has placed Iceland on the top spot of the list for the 14th year in a row. New Zealand, Denmark, Canada, Ireland, and Switzerland are some of the other popular work visa destinations on the top-10 list.



Parameters like militarization, societal security and peace, and national and international conflicts are the three areas divided into 23 metrics upon which the assessment is based.



Ease of migration: One of the most important yardsticks for migrants, migration policy from one of the best countries to immigrate from India is often overlooked. However, they form the primary tool for alleviating poverty and promoting development. The Center for Global Development, studying various indices, prepares a list of countries with amicable migration policies. And New Zealand, Norway, and Australia are the top rankers in this list. Canada, on the other hand, stands highest amongst various G-7 economies.


Parameters taken into consideration to prepare the list are willingness to accept migrants from the developing world, how well those migrants are consolidated, and lastly, whether or not the country takes part in the dory of global conventions on migration.

How useful is Irish Expert?

If you’re searching for the best ‘immigration consultant near me’, Irish Expert will definitely pop on the search. Why?


Irish Expert, a dedicated immigration services provider, has an array of experienced team members who help people immigrate to various countries around the world. We understand the individual requirements and challenges associated with the immigration policies of each country. And thus, we can provide you with the best guidance to streamline your journey.


The crowd from developing countries has for the past few decades migrated to the best countries to immigrate from India which are technologically advanced & first-world nations. Better job opportunities, top-notch universities, good quality air and water, and a robust healthcare system are some of the key aspects of such migrations. However, it’s not easy to assess which country is best suited to your needs. One of the best immigration services, Irish Expert therefore aims to explain the top four criteria, namely, cost of living, ease of migration, security system, and quality of living, to help you understand and make your choice appropriately.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I locate reputable immigration consultant near me?

You can find reputable immigration consultants near you by searching online directories, reading reviews, or asking for recommendations from friends or family who have used immigration services locally.

What services do immigration consultant near me typically offer?

Immigration consultants near you offer a range of services including visa application assistance, guidance on immigration laws, representation in immigration proceedings, and personalized advice tailored to your specific situation.

How can immigration consultant near me assist with my immigration goals?

Immigration consultants near you can provide personalized support and guidance to help you achieve your immigration goals. Whether you're looking to study abroad, work in another country, reunite with family, or obtain citizenship, they can offer tailored advice and assistance throughout the process.

What factors should I consider when choosing immigration consultant near me?

When choosing immigration consultants near you, consider factors such as their reputation, experience, credentials, fees, and knowledge of immigration laws and regulations in your desired destination country.

How do I schedule a consultation with immigration consultant near me?

To schedule a consultation with immigration consultants near you, simply contact their office by phone, email, or through their website. Many immigration consultants offer flexible scheduling options to accommodate your needs.

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