Permanent Settlement

Securing a right to reside on a permanent basis, permanent settlement (PR) awards you the legal resident status of the host country. It is permanent in nature, and you with such legal status would be called a Permanent Resident. However, not every nation permits permanent settlement. Rules and laws relating to the same may vary broadly.  For instance, countries in the European Union have their own set of rules for you to become a permanent resident. Under the European legislation, EU nationals are allowed to move from one EU nation to another, and attain PR after residing there for a period of five years. For migrants from third world nations, PR can be attained as per the directive (2003/109/EC).

Migration Trends

Almost every discourse on migration begins with number. Therefore, understanding the changes in future trends, and shifting demographics relating to international socio-economic changes is helpful in understanding the world we live in and upcoming plans. The role of a genuine data is a sine qua non for evaluating present and future trends in migration. It not only ensures that discourse on migration at both domestic and international level are grounded on facts but also helps in framing informed decision.

Resume Marketing

Moving to a new country invites hardship and obstacles perhaps for those migrants with permits. It therefore, important to get a job as early as you arrive, since instituting yourself in technologically advanced countries like Canada and the UK, demands a stable income. And for you to bag a job, preparing a professional resume is a sine qua non, as it gives you an edge in a cut-throat marketplace. 

Sponsorship Programs

For an immigrant with lack of monetary resources to fund his stay in a country can ask for the help of a sponsor. This sponsor shall help him financially during his stay in the host country. Such sponsors, includes: friends, companies, or anyone for that matter. 

There are certain roles and responsibilities assigned upon the sponsors. Firstly their financial health must permit them to assist the immigrant while being able to maintain themselves.

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Living Abroad

Appearing worrisome to one, while exciting to some other for various reasons. The question of living overseas can derive different reactions from different potential migrants. Nonetheless, it must be understood that living overseas provides you with the opportunity to explore and learn the culture, food habits, working style, and the overall lifestyle of that society. And honestly, most of us have a desire to explore the lifestyle of a country by either getting a work permit, or an admission to a world-class university, fascinating us for a long time. If you are also working out on living overseas, then here’s some hands- on advice before you proceed.

Choose Destination

Choosing a destination for studying abroad can be a daunting task, as it can have a significant impact on your experience and future opportunities. If you want to improve your language skills, it is best to choose a destination where the language of instruction is not your native language. The academic programs and courses offered by the university or institution are crucial factors to consider when choosing a destination for studying abroad. The cost of accommodation, transportation, food, and other expenses can vary significantly depending on the destination you choose.


Unleash your potential in the land of breathtaking landscapes and renowned hospitality. Discover vibrant career opportunities in Ireland, where your skills and ambitions can thrive.


Embrace the warmth of the Mediterranean and unlock new horizons in Spain. From culinary delights to vibrant tourism, experience a fulfilling career in a country known for its rich culture and zest for life.


Embark on a journey to Croatia, where the Adriatic charm meets career growth. Dive into a world of endless possibilities, combining stunning coastlines and historical wonders with exciting professional prospects.-


Ignite your career Down Under, where boundless opportunities await. Experience the diversity of Australia's landscapes and industries, and make your mark in a country known for innovation and work-life balance.


Uncover your potential in Canada, the land of vast landscapes and multiculturalism. From bustling cities to breathtaking nature, seize the chance to pursue rewarding careers.

United Kingdom

Elevate your career in the United Kingdom, a melting pot of history and modernity. Embrace dynamic industries, world-class education, and a vibrant cultural scene in this land of endless possibilities

Job Placement

For a migrant from a developing nation, technologically advanced countries like Canada and the UK offer diverse job opportunities. And no wonder such places have been top notch destinations for work permit holders from all over the world. However, getting placed into a job that matches your skills and experience can be dismaying. Therefore, it is important to proceed with the correct approach and skill, as the same can boost your chances of landing your dream job.

Getting Citizenship

For many migrants, applying for citizenship abroad after fulfilling the pre-citizenship criteria to remain is the ultimate immigration application. Obtaining citizenship of a first world nation offers you complete rights to live, work, and travel in the host country. You can visit and exit the nation freely and enjoy the status that such prestigious citizenship provides. Our immigration experts and lawyers, who specialize in supporting those seeking citizenship after fulfilling the pre-criteria to remain, can walk you through the procedure. Citizenship is rarely withdrawn; therefore, getting citizenship will provide you and your family with security.

Irish Expert Insights

Irish Expert is one of the renowned immigration law firm, offering solutions to clients looking to relocate to various regions of the world. We at Irish Expert recognize and embrace the importance of meeting labor requirements all around the world. We not only assists individuals  in getting work visa, or study visa, but also individuals who need to migrate in search of a better life and a better future for themselves and their loved ones. Since its founding, it has been the objective of Irish Expert to exceed our clients’ expectations in whatever sphere and satisfy their needs families and so help them bridge the gap between their hopes and ambitions.

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