Know The Truth About Moving and Residing Between Ireland and the UK

The question of whether British and Irish citizens need permission to reside in each other’s countries has been a recurring concern, especially in the post-Brexit era. This confusion is understandable given the significant changes Brexit has brought to travel and residency regulations. Let’s delve into the details to clear up any misconceptions.

Affected Routes

Travel between the UK and the Eurozone has seen many changes post-Brexit, significantly impacting the movement of goods, services, and people. However, the dynamic between the UK and Ireland has largely remained untouched, although confusion about travel between these two countries persists.

The Good News for British and Irish Citizens

British and Irish citizens can still travel, work, study, and live freely in each other’s countries, even after Brexit. Here’s why:


1.The Common Travel Area (CTA): The CTA, which pre-dates EU membership, allows free movement for citizens of both countries. This agreement ensures that British and Irish citizens can move freely between the two countries.


2.Government Commitment: Both the UK and Irish governments confirmed their commitment to the CTA in 2019, ensuring that Brexit would not affect the long-standing arrangement.


3.Special Immigration Rights: Irish and UK immigration laws grant special rights to each other’s citizens, allowing them to move freely between the two countries without the need for additional documentation.

What Does It Mean For You?

1.No Visa Required: British and Irish citizens do not need a visa, passport stamp, or any special permission to travel between Ireland and the UK.


2.Freedom of Movement: You can move freely between the two countries without the need for extensive documentation. While you may be asked to show an ID, no special entry documents are required when traveling by land.


Points To Remember

1.Citizenship Requirement: The ease of travel and residency applies only to British and Irish citizens. If you are not a citizen of either country, you may need permission to enter.


2.Restrictions: There are limitations for citizens who have deportation orders or travel bans.

Enjoy Easy Travelling

British and Irish citizens can enjoy the ease of travel between Ireland and the UK, continuing to benefit from the longstanding Common Travel Area arrangement. Therefore, the freedom of movement between these two countries remains intact post-Brexit.

How Can Irish Expert Help You

If you wish to ask any question or plan to make the move, get in touch with Irish Expert. Our qualified immigration lawyers and in-house visa team can assist you in making an informed decision. So, whether you’re planning to move, work, or simply visit, rest assured, we are here for you.



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