ireland visa rules are too strict

Families Torn Apart: Are Ireland's Visa Rules Too Strict?

As beautiful as Ireland is as a destination, its non-EU General Employment Permit holders (mostly parents and/or spouses) are struggling to reunite with their families (mostly children) here while applying for dependent visas. Let’s explore why in detail:

Firstly, there is an obligatory two-year waiting period that allows the sponsorship of dependents, which is practically a long period of time for those eager to be with their families or are away from their children.

Then comes the essential challenge that hinders the families from reuniting. The minimum income requirement for sponsorship fluctuates often. This inconsistency obstructs the long-term financial planning and stability that are needed to bring your loved ones together. To add to this, the gap between the average earnings of working individuals and the set income thresholds creates financial strain. The threshold is higher than individuals earn on average, which makes it difficult to apply for a dependent visa for their spouse and/or children.

The Irish embassies exercise limited discretion when it comes to the number of dependents or children. This results in rigid limitations, which are essentially keeping the parents and their children apart due to rigid limitations on family sizes.

However, we could still hope for a change. If the processes become streamlined, more fixated regulations would alleviate burdens and facilitate easier family reunions.

Amidst this ever-changing landscape of regulations, the application process can become lengthy and overwhelming. It needs keen attention-to-detail and a deep understanding of these shifting requirements.

Irish Expert empowers individuals with the knowledge needed to navigate the current Irish visa systems. Our qualified immigration lawyers and our in-house expert visa team are vigilant about these regulatory shifts and recommend seeking guidance from our end for up-to-date support throughout the process.

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