Australia is bringing new changes to its visa policies: what, when, and how

After the UK, the Albanese government in Australia came forward with an alteration in their visa policies, which, as a result, would prevent international students and workers from obtaining visas to reform the country’s temporary migration system, which was called “broken” by them.


On Monday, this 10-step strategy will be revealed to avoid the misuse of student visas as a “back door” by employers to bring in low-skilled workers. Also, enhance the measures to ensure opportunities for highly skilled workers in these growing industries. The government is anticipating a steady decrease in overseas migration in the coming year.


The decision came into action as the net migration reached a record high of 510,000 in 2022–23. However, it is predicted to decrease to almost half in 2024–25 and 2025–26, which was the same as before the COVID-19 pandemic.


Stricter English Language Requirements: To tackle exploitation, the government is imposing stricter English language requirements for student visa applicants, which would be aligned with the skilled workers’ visa, making things easier for international students and helping them find better jobs.


Middle-Tier Skilled Worker: For those earning more than 70000 dollars, changes in the middle-tier skilled worker visa are going to result in 25000 fewer people gaining entry into Australia. The minimum salary for this visa is also going to be changed annually, with the application process focusing on the core skills needed in Australia.


Care workers: The government is looking to bring lower-skilled workers into critical sectors like care workers, even if they don’t fall in the $70,000 bracket.


A new Specialist Visa- a new specialist visa is being introduced by the government for those who earn more than 135,000 dollars annually, which will target highly skilled individuals in fields such as cyber or green technology.


Student Visa Requirements: The students will have to successfully demonstrate how their studies in Australia will advance their academic or learning goals. Also, the government is going to enforce stricter attendance and passing requirements to prevent the misuse of student visas.




The Home Affairs Minister, Claire O’Neil, has stated the migration system in Australia is broken and needs to be fixed to bring migration to a sustainable level.


The changes applied above have resulted in 185,000 fewer immigrants reaching Australia.


The goal of protecting wages and conditions for migrant workers is the result of the expected decline in overseas migration, which is part of the government’s efforts to tackle the loopholes and abuses in the current migration system in Australia.


But rest assured, these changes do not impact permanent visa routes and family visas. 

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