Australia Permanent Residence Visa

Australian Permanent Resident Visa is considerate to be the most powerful visa as this visa allows the applicant to live, work and study without any restriction in Australia. A Permanent Resident can get most of the rights and privileges of a citizen except few differences as such:

  • Citizens of Australia can enter the Country with an automatic right. But when PR holders travel internationally and wish to return to Australia they need to ensure that they have Permanent Resident Visa with a valid travel authority.
  • Citizens of Australia can vote in Australian Government elections but a PR holder cannot vote except who was enrolled to vote before 1984, they may get eligible to vote.

Australia PR Visa Eligibility

If you plan to reside in Australia as a permanent resident, then you must meet its eligibility needs. The important eligibility needs comprise:

  • Age: You should be under 45 years to apply
  • Points Necessity: You should score no less than 65 points in the Point’s Grid.
  • Language Proficiency: You must prove minimum competent level English language proficiency.
  • Skills Assessment: Before you move ahead to apply, it is must for you to have skills evaluated. The designated
  • Australian authorities have to evaluate your skills and occupation.
  • Have an Occupation Nominated: You must have an occupation nominated in Skilled Occupation Lists of Australia.
  • Health and character assessment: You should prove excellent character and health.

Australia PR Benefits

  • Social Welfare benefits that Australian citizens receive
  • Live and work anywhere in Australia
  • Main and Spouse dependent get the access to work in any profile (Except Public Service or Armed forces Job )
  • Apply for Australian Citizenship after meeting certain eligibility factors
  • Children born in Australia as permanent residents will become citizens by birth right
  • Can move freely from anywhere within the country
  • The right to travel to New Zealand without applying for a New Zealand visa
  • Sponsor eligible family members
  • Apply for first home owner grant

If you’re thinking to apply for Australia PR. Then apply it soon.

Immigration rules are always a subject to change. The visa applications for Permanent Resident visa under Skilled Migration category are managed by Skill Select stream. This stream will allow us to start putting together information which demonstrates basic personal information, nominated occupation, education, work experience, language skills and details of a skills assessment related to the nominated occupation depending on the visa class. Via this Expression of Interest (EOI) through Skill Select after receiving an ITA Invitation to apply) with required documents prepared in advance, we will be in the best possible position to react quickly and you will become eligible to submit a PR application to secure your Visa. Furthermore, under skilled sponsored (subclass 190) category each State gets open for a limited period of time to accept applications.

Type of PR Applications

  • Skilled Independent Permanent Residence Visa Subclass 189
    If you are a skilled in such a field that is highly required in Australia, then you can immigrate to Australia under this visa i.e. Skilled – Independent Visa (subclass 189), without any kind of state or family sponsorship.
  • Skilled Independent Permanent Residence Visa Subclass 190
    The Employer Nomination Scheme is meant for highly skilled workers to obtain Australian permanent residency through sponsorship from an Australian employer.
  • Skilled Regional (Provisional) Visa (Sub Class 489)
    This Visa is a temporary form visa valid for a duration of 4 years for candidates who have skills and capabilities which are required in a particular state or territories of the country as per independent states occupation list but who are not able to meet the requirement to obtain sponsored visa (subclass 190).
    This visa is based on invitation. It allows you for living and working in Australia for the duration of 4 years and lets you travel number of times until the visa is valid. You can also apply for permanent residency in Australia.
  • Employer Nomination Scheme Subclass 186
    Employer Nomination Scheme- It is primarily meant for skilled workers to work in Australia & settle as permanent residents there.


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